Inside out

I’ve been toying with setting up a blog and actually using it for awhile now. Perhaps now is the time. I’m interested in art, parenting, fitness, health, cooking, knitting, house and home, gardening, friends and family, spirituality, traveling, camping, music, education, renovations, yoga, reading and writing. My interests are so vast that sometimes I get frustrated about the lack of time to dabble in everything!

Right now I’m focusing on getting into shape (I’ve lost 9 pounds in about 9 weeks), trying to find a more permanent position in my career, working on my Masters, parenting, and creating art. A lot to pack in for a single mom. Plus time for family and friends. Lots of juggling going on here.

A presentation on Arthur Lismer is in the works this morning and a walk in the neighbourhood. It’s going to be 20 degrees Celsius today! I just had a call to sub at a west-end high school for art this afternoon. Just what I need. An afternoon in another great art room and a chance to make some money to pay my bills. It certainly has been an interesting journey, this subbing work! No two days are the same and no planning or marking. The downside is no benefits or security or stable income. Living on a song and a prayer right now…!



About jojofarley

Mother. Artist. Teacher. Gardener. Knitter. Novice Crocheter.
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