Nearly 3 years later…

I had nearly forgotten I had set up this blog! Time to return to it.

Recently returned from a trip to PEI where I visited most of the Anne shrines on the Island: her birthplace, the site of her Cavendish home, the schoolhouse at Lower Bedeque, her Montgomery grandparents farmhouse (“Ingleside”), her aunt and uncle’s farmhouse (“Silver Bush”), and her gravesite. And, of course, I visited Green Gables where I thoroughly enjoyed the Balsam Wood and Lovers’ Lane walk and the trek through the Haunted Wood to her Cavendish home. I have re-connected with Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of my childhood favourites – the Emily of New Moon books. I’m on a quest to learn more about her and to read all of the Anne books as well as the others. As a child I devoured The Tangled Web and Magic for Marigold, in addition to the Emily books. I only read Anne of Green Gables and not the rest of the series. Now, I’m reading the sixth book, Anne of Ingleside, after thoroughly enjoying Anne’s House of Dreams. I feel like I’m re-connecting with my childhood self by reading L. M. Montgomery. I recall idyllic summers of reading at my Holyrood home, either in the living room or outside in front of the backyard fireplace. Maud’s wonderful prose and descriptions of her PEI environment embody my own love of reading and nature.

Inspiration for her Pat books.

Silver Bush at Park Corner: inspiration for her Pat books.

In Maud's world at Silver Bush
In Maud’s world at Silver Bush


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